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   Habang May Buhay Complete Lyrics by AJ <>
  Habang May Buhay | Pakiusap | Only Me and You | Nagkabungguan, Nagkatinginan | Tayo Lang Dalawa | Mukha ng Buhay | Kadenang Bulaklak | Pangako ng Kahapon | Ikaw Lang at Ako (Bonus Track, tagalog version of "Only Me and You")
  "Habang May Buhay" is Donna's 4th solo Album, and is a compilation of movie theme songs. It was released October 1995 and was platinum after a week. The album received its Quadruple platinum award in 1997, making it Donna's best-selling album so far.
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   Pure Donna Complete Lyrics by Mich <>
  Dahil Tanging Ikaw |  Wish |  Four Reasons |  Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig |  Where Could He Be? |  Ikaw Lang Ang Mahal | I Will Be Here To Stay |  Hang On |  I Can |  Somewhere |  Isang Tanong Isang Sagot |  Smile
  After the humongous success of Habang May Buhay, here's another milestone in Donna's recording career. This album is so far her 6th solo. after the first week of release, it turned platinum.
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   Merry Christmas.. Donna
  Complete Lyrics by AJ <>
  Muling Sumapit ang Pasko | Miss Kita kung Christmas | Sa Paskong Ito | Merry Christmas Darling | Christmas Tears | Last Christmas | Grownup Christmas List | Pasko ay Para sa Akin at Sa Iyo | My Only Christmas is Jesus | Its Just Another New Year's Eve
Donna's first ever Christmas Album released December of 1996. This album is very precious to Donna for she handpicked some of the revival christmas songs here. She did her version of Barry Manilow's 'Its just another New Year's Eve', George Michael's 'Last Christmas' and Carpernter's 'Merry Christmas Darling'.
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   Hulog Ng Langit Complete Lyrics by AJ <>
  For Baby | Ikaw Pala 'Yon | Hulog Ng Langit | Everlasting Love | All of My Life | You and I | I Only Want To Be With You | Sino Ba? | Narito Ang Puso Ko | Eversince | I Have Dreamed | Someone's Waiting For You | Story of My Life
  Hulog ng Langit (CD)The current album of Donna Cruz is entitled "Hulog ng Langit" (Gift from Heaven). This album is conceptualized and created when Donna is still carrying Baby Ysabella inside her. This album expresses Donna's (and a mother's) love, emotions and anticipation, as she patiently waits for her baby to be born.
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