album 3: langit na naman
In this album, Donna has "slimmed out", and started to bloom. The theme, therefore of the album is Donna's being a lady, evident on the album cover and layout (flowers, lipsticks, high-heeled shoes are some of the items randomly drawn.). You should hear her do her RAP on the cut "Proud 2B Pinoy"..

album three: langit na naman


Langit Na Naman

This album produced by VIVA Records. | Executive Producer: Vic Del Rosario Jr.


Released Singles
Langit Na Naman (916K)
(Donna Cruz's rendition of the Hotdog's famous OPM hit, 'Langit Na Naman')
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Proud 2B Pinoy (845K)
A Song from the Langit na Naman Album (3rd album), this song showcases Donna's ability to RAP! Go Doings! Yeah! A Good song for every filipino out there. Let's proud to be one! :)
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I Can Learn To Love You (1MB)
A very good song. Beat and lyrics are very different from mainstream pinoy music
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nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh | langit na naman | ikaw na kaya? | y.r.u. so baduy? | proud 2B pinoy | may tama pa rin | i can learn to love you | every inch a woman

*Duet with Tony Lambino, Bonus Track (only on selected BASF casettes/CDs)
**Rendition of the West Side Story song