All For Love
(Asian Release)

1997 The Walt Disney
Company Asia Pacific
Limited; Rock Records
Philippines, Inc. ; VIVA
Music Group

This is a collection of
well-loved and popular
Disney-produced songs
and Disney movie

In the Asian Release of this album,
Donna Cruz, together with Mr. Janno Gibbs,
were chosen to sing a couple of songs, written
by Alan Menken, the same person who have
composed "Part of this World" , a popular
tune from the disney movie the Little Mermaid.
Donna sung the cut "The Story of My Life", of
which the lyrics are shown below

Vocal: Donna Cruz
Music: Alan Menken
Lyrics: David Zippel

Night falls
And you're in my dreams
So real ... You're still
here... Day breaks
And the hope that seems
So real ... Seems to disappear

And I wake up with the missing words
That would have made you stay
And although I learned my lesson late
At least I'm on my way
But a voice inside me says
I should have been here yesterday

Aint that just the story of my life
After its too late I find the key
Aint that just the story of my life
I pray its not too late for you and me

I know it will all work out ...
Someday Lord knows when
Somehow I will fight the doubt
Sheer will keeps me sane til then...

When I look at the horizon I can see you
bright and clear
My mistakes are all behind me

A new chapter's drawing near
And I may have
missed the boat
But I can meet you
at the pier

Aint that just the story
of my life
Still no one knows
what we're heading to
And I trust the story of my life
Will have a happe end when I'm with you

This doesnt have to end up as a tragedy
Or need to be a melancholy tale
And though I never seem to choose the easy
path...I try and fail but will prevail

Aint that just the story of my life
It will all be worth what I've been through
For I trust the story of my life
Will have a happy end when I'm with you

Night falls... and you're in my dreams
Its the story of my life.

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