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"Ikaw Pala Yon" - MTV
The current single from the album "Hulog Ng Langit".
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Welcome Home!
Welcome to the homepage of Donna Cruz, one of the Philippines' most talented singer and actress. First time here? Want to know more about Donna? Please take the Donna Refresher Course - A Quick Tour on Donna's Life, & Career.

Donna Up Close!
Get to know more about the person behind the star!

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The music discography of Donna! Plus information on all her albums! Get a load of real audio versions of her released singles (and our handpicked singles!)

TV - Channel [D] (updated)
Missed Donna on TV? We have many of her interviews and TV guestings online in the TV section. We are proud to say that we cater to all our audiences, dialup or broadband!=) Play them now!

The Movies
Information on all of Donna's movies plus her awards and citations!

Picture Perfect
The Donna Cruz Images Collection! The biggest Donna Cruz Images collection on the internet, PLUS exclusive access to photos scanned for us by Donna herself!

A wide array of listing of published articles and interviews about Donna.

Our Community!
Your place and my place!:) Interact with members of our community and be among the first ones to get the photos, news, chat schedule announcements & loads of other exclusive free stuff!

Archives Section
Here is where we store the goodies!  Past website features are stored in this page - we make sure you won't miss anything!

The Guestbook!
This is where you get to leave tour message to Donna. She views her guestbook very often, and tries her best to reply if she has the time. 

The Wedding
Experience Donna & Yong's wedding as if you were actually there! 

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In the survey that we have posted, a total of 1055 voters have logged in: 920 (87%) said Donna should come back to showbusiness; and only 13% said no. Plus, there are over 200 who have expressed their petitions for Donna to come back to showbusiness!
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Hulog Ng Langit Album
Hulog ng Langit (CD)
The current album of Donna Cruz is entitled "Hulog ng Langit" (Gift from Heaven). [Listen to more preview songs and released singles]
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