Donna's 1st solo album, with her 1st undying hit, "Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso"
kurot sa puso
The less popular 2nd album containing great unreleased disco cuts!
langit na naman
This album is named after the hit single "langit na naman". The cut to watch out for here is "Proud 2B Pinoy", where Donna did her first RAP!
habang may buhay
This is Donna's greatest album of all time. Quadruple Platinum. Everyone else has a copy, so get yours too!
merry christmas ...donna
Donna's first Christmas album. Contains original and revived christmas hits.
pure donna
Pure hits, Pure Donna. This album contains the favorite cuts "Isang Tanong Isang Sagot", "Dahil Tanging Ikaw", and her own version of "Smile".
the best of donna
Viva records has labeled this album as Donna Cruz's best. So be it! Donna is still the best! :)
hulog ng langit
Donna's latest album, released September 1999. This album expresses all the feelings that Donna has -- being an expectant mother and a happily married woman. a MUST buy.
Released Albums by Various Artists, and Movie Soundtracks which includes Donna Cruz.
Religious: "Servant of All"
Donna sang the Jubilee song in the all-star VIVA album compilation of Christian songs. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates year 2000 as the Jubilee Year.
"The Jubilee Song"
Listen to: The Jubilee Song
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all for love (DISNEY)
In the Asian Release of the album All for Love, Donna Cruz, together with Mr. Janno Gibbs, were chosen to sing a couple of songs, written by Alan Menken, the same person who have composed "Part of this World" , a popular tune from the disney movie the Little Mermaid. Donna sung the cut "The Story of My Life".
More soundtracks to come!
 Religious/Praise: "Servant of All"
Donna sang the Jubilee song in the all-star VIVA album compilation of Christian songs. The Roman Catholic Church celebrates year 2000 as the Jubilee Year.
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As we all know, Donna has quit Viva Records, and has yet to sign up with another recording label. If you would have a chance to be her manager, what do you think would be the next best steps for Donna?
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Donna Cruz in AUS!
Donna, together with Geneva Cruz, performed 2 successful shows in Australia! Australian correspondents John, Martin and Francine have documented the shows. [READ More!]

   Hulog Ng Langit Gold Record Awarding - ASAP - April 2000
  Hulog Ng Langit, the album, is awarded a Gold Record Award. We have pictures sent by Donna (link will open a new window), taken at ASAP, when the gold record award was presented.
   Hulog Ng Langit Mall Tour - SM Bacoor - April 15, 2000
  We have pictures from the SM Bacoor Mall Tour! This is one of the first "comeback" mall tours of Donna Cruz, promoting her "Hulog Ng Langit" album. You would see from the crowd that Donna is STILL one of the best, and most-loved singer and role model in the country.
   The Donna Cruz 1998 U.S. Tour - July 1998
  Last June-July 1998, Donna had special US Shows, dubbed as the 1998 US TOUR. Donna visited Stockton, San Francisco, Reno, and San Diego. Some of her shows are solo, and in the other ones she is with Ms. Pilita Corrales and Jaya. We sure hope you havent missed this one! If you did, well, you are still lucky cause we have our concert pictures! Special thanks to all those who have submitted their concert pictures: Ernesto, Rachelle, Charles, Tina, and most especially, TESS.
   Beauty and the Beast | The Sound of Music
  Yes, Donna does theater too. Only locally, though. She has played the role of BELLE in Beauty and the Beast, shown last 1996. Her latest was that of last December 1997, where she played the adorable Liezl in the classic "Sound of Music". Those who have watched her perform onstage give her two thumbs up! ...make that three!


 Current Album
Hulog ng Langit (CD)
The current album of Donna Cruz is entitled "Hulog ng Langit" (Gift from Heaven). The album is full of love and happiness -- Donna's exact feelings captured as she was waiting for Baby Belle to be born! [Listen to more preview songs and released singles]
Untitled Document
LyricsCentral Now Open! LyricsCentral provides transcripted lyrics to all of Donna's Songs. Please check it out, we have 3 full album lyrics online.
 Our Favorite Cuts
 Our All Time Favorites!
Kapag Tumibok ang Puso (948K)
(All-time favorite, first ever Donna Cruz hit! In Real Audio format, 56kbps Stereo)
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"Ikaw Pala Yon" - MTV
The current single from the album "Hulog Ng Langit".
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 We Recommend This Cut!
Proud 2B Pinoy (845K)
A Song from the Langit na Naman Album (3rd album), this song showcases Donna's ability to RAP! Go Doings! Yeah! A Good song for every filipino out there. Let's proud to be one! :)
Play it now | Download
 Sing A La Donna!
 We'll feature you in this spot!
We know that you have always wanted to sing like Donna! Have you ever recorded yourself singing Donna Cruz songs? Would you like to be featured here, at this spot, and let Donna (and other recording bigwigs) listen to you? Submit your own MP3s or tape recordings to us, (if you want, you can also submit your own picture!), we'll screen it and let you know when you are going to be featured here! Email us at
 We Want Donna on MTV!
Play it, MTV Asia! We want Donna Cruz on MTV!Ever wondered why Donna's MTVs are rarely (hardly) played over MTV Asia? We don't know the reason too! Please send your video requests of Donna's latest single/MTV, "Ikaw Pala 'Yon", to MTV-Asia. Hopefully, after they get 1000++ requests, they will be playing it for us.
 Remember When...
 Jason Everly and Donna Cruz
Remember Jason Everly? He and Donna did the sweet duet "Wish", and the movie "Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot".
Play "WISH" now | Download